Memoirs Of An Unclad Preacher #13

Everything was in disarray. They both sat down not talking to each other. Dennis was still furious not ready to listen to anything that Jane had to say. Jane was sinking in her tears as her eyes continued to pour out the rushing wave of water.  She thought about all that happened; it was none of her fault and she just don’t understand why Dennis won’t listen to her. She crawled to where he was sitting but before she could grasp his leg, he had stood up and walked over to the window.
After a long time living in the house, he noticed for the first time that there was a hole created by the burgle-proof window. He saw a cockroach come out of the hole and made its way across the house. He went to his bedroom and got insecticide; he sprayed it on the cockroach and left it to die.
He couldn’t think any more about the situation on ground, he was not ready to listen to Jane and he was not feeling any better since he didn’t know what happened and why she cheated on him. He would have to try and hear what she had to say.
He went back to sit down, immediately she rushed to his side. “You say that you didn’t cheat on me, how then did you get pregnant?” he asked her.
“Dennis, I can assure you that I have never cheated on you before. I swear it.”
“Then how are you now pregnant?” he was beginning to get furious again.
She sensed that she was making him get angry not answering the question. “I was raped.
Whatever he thought was what had kept him angry for that long flew away immediately he heard what she said. He was way more than shocked. He was dazzled. Or was she trying to pull his legs here, she definitely knew that this wasn’t a joking matter so she couldn’t be messing around with him. “I don’t think I heard you correctly Jane. You were raped?”
“Yes.” She answered.
“When did this happen?” he asked before realizing how stupid of him to have asked, the doctor had said that she was five weeks pregnant. No, he could also not be foolish, Jane didn’t know she was pregnant so if the time she was raped matches with when she got pregnant then she was telling the truth.
“About five to six weeks ago.”
Oh my God! She was actually raped “And you didn’t think of telling me?”
“I was quite ashamed of what happened.”
“What were you ashamed of? That you were raped or what, what is your fault?” he asked her.
“I don’t know Dennis. I actually visited a doctor the next day and he checked me but he said that there were no problem and I even got to flush my system too. I don’t understand how I can get pregnant again.”
He was devastated. He just didn’t understand what was happening any longer. He was confused on what to say to her, what to think in his mind. He was just tired of life. He didn’t anticipate that something like this could happen, but who would have been crazy enough to anticipate this sort of thing.
If Jane said that she didn’t know she was pregnant then why did she want them to have sex after so many years of waiting? It was getting all confusing to him. Was she trying to force him to assume the responsibility of a child that was not his? If she had really seen a good doctor then how would the doctor not have done his job well to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant? He didn’t believe her words anymore.
“Why then did you want us to have sex Jane. Please all I want is the truth, no deceit again.” He said.
Her countenance changed drastically as he asked her why she wanted sex. “Dennis, like I said the day before yesterday, I felt that heat was welling up between us and I thought it would be better if we let it out with each other than other people. Sincerely I never knew I was pregnant.”
“That’s becoming very hard to believe Jane, really hard. Because I don’t understand how you who said that we should wait till marriage before we have sex suddenly changed her mind because she felt that heat was building up between us.” He paused then asked. “When was heat never high between us? I don’t see any way that it helps the matter, I only asked for the truth because I believed it could help.”
“Seriously Dennis, you are only making me out to be the one who doesn’t care about this relationship that all ii do is what would help me. If I knew I was pregnant I would have told you and you know it. But do you know what pains me most? That me getting raped to you meant nothing, it’s like it’s not your problem at all.”
“If you want to start assigning blame then I need to remind you that you chose not to tell me when it happened and that means you it is not my business. I was always here to listen to you but you didn’t think I loved you enough to accept you as you were. If you had told me, all this wouldn’t be happening and I wouldn’t be finding it so hard to trust any word that comes out of your mouth.”
Jane was beaten, it was all her fault. He was right; she should have told him about it. “Dennis, I swear to you, I have never cheated on you. I love you so much and I don’t want to ever lose you, ever.”
He stood up from the chair, they had been talking for hours and he hadn’t still been able to get his thoughts straight. He had this conviction that she was not lying but he was not sure if he was ready to gamble on that. He could not just end a relationship of three years over what could be solved.
“Jane, this is what we are going to do. I would take a quick nap, do whatever you want to and when I wake up, we can continue discussing this.”
She sighed of relief before she answered “Okay.” She was still I apprehension of what was to happen when he woke up. Whatever he said, at least for now, she would go with it, she couldn’t fight hum now over anything. She would just take a nap on the chair also till he wakes up.

With both of them in thoughts of where their relationship was going to, they fell into a great sleep then they had imagined they would have. The argument had sapped them of all energy they had.

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