Memoirs of An Unclad Preacher #18

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“Oh! So what happened with his father?” Dennis asked.
“He was the one who started the company about twenty years ago when he decided to sell the farm plot his father left for him and used the money to start a printing company.”
“It sure looks like he was someone with a vision. Considering that agriculture was the most profitable business back then.” Dennis commented.
“You can say that, he really was a visionary.” Mariam replied.
“So what happened that made him the problem?”
“He didn’t have the opportunity to start his company with some big name writer so he got some university students to do the writings for him. They wrote nice pieces but none made it big but he was not losing any money. Then one day, one of the students came with a story that he had. He had information on a senator that was having an affair with an actress. He wasn’t a newspaper company so he couldn’t publish the news so he waited for the next edition of the magazine and released an article in the magazine about Infidelity of Celebrities.”
“And that was where his problem started right?” Dennis asked.
“Something like that. The magazine got the attention of everyone and that was the boom of the company. But it also had its trouble. The government was on our ass for a long time, suits against the company though we won all of the cases. There were many times that Mr. Robert was sued for rape but the lady later confessed that she consented to the affair and he never raped me.”
“That’s a lot of trouble for the company so how does Abdullah fit in all this?”
“Just be patient and let me tell the story, will you?”
“Alright, I am listening.” “Just about six years ago Mr. Robert was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. He was told that he had only two months to live so he brought his son and introduced him to everyone. He had employed Abdullah two months earlier to his diagnosis. Nobody knew then that Mr. Robert and Abdullah’s girlfriend were in a relationship so when Abdullah found out just few weeks to when Mr. Robert was supposed to pass away, he became a thorn in the company’s ass. He knew how hard Mr. Robert had been trying not to get in any scandal that might affect the company. His girlfriend was already engaged to marry him when they had the affair so when he came to the board with what he knew, he gave Mr. Robert a proposition that seemed like it would be almost impossible for him to gain and yet just one mistake and Mr. Robert would lose all his years of hard work. Mr. Roberts knew what was at stake here so he signed the deal that before any writer was employed to the company, Abdullah must have a notice of the appointment and I guess you know how that has finally played out.”
“Umph! I still don’t see how it is not my fault. My employment still let the deal be broken and Abdullah is getting the company.  But why didn’t you guys get rid of Abdullah after Mr. Robert died. It would have done less harm to the company since he was no longer alive?”
“We wanted to do just that but we noticed that the government were now coming down hard on us and if we sacked an employee that happened to be one of the reasons we remained big in the industry then they would begin to dig till they find the dirt and only God knows how they would twist the event till they made sure that we would no longer have a toe on the ground to stand. We had to keep him.”
“Up till now?” Dennis asked                   
“No, not any longer but to get a way for him to leave the company on his own is kind of hard. The new board says that they don’t want a word of that affair to ever get out so we couldn’t just sack him.”
“There must be a way for him to go silently. He must have some dirt that he wouldn’t want anyone to know of.”
“We’ve been tracking him for four years now and we have not been able to come up with anything that looked bad. But Akin Jr. is going to meet a lawyer and discuss it with him so that they can send Abdullah away.”
“What if I told you that you don’t need a lawyer to make sure that Abdullah remains silent?”
“I would be very interested in hearing whatever it is that you have to say.”
“If he does have the opportunity to talk with anyone how can anyone know about it?”
“I don’t understand what you are saying Dennis.”
“I am suggesting that we silence him totally, he shouldn’t be able to ever talk to anyone.”
“Are you really insinuating what I think you are insinuating because that would be criminal to say the least.”
“And what do you think I would be suggesting and what makes you so sure that it would be criminal?” Dennis asked.
“I see the look on your face and I don’t like it Dennis, we cannot involve ourselves in something wrong. The lawyer would come up with something that we can use to get him off our back.”
“Mariam please how will the lawyer get information that you have not been able to get using professionals in how many days or weeks?” he paused then continued. “I am not suggesting anything that could taint the company’s image. All I am saying is that I know a way that we can get the information that we need from Abdullah himself. Just let me talk to whoever they are and see if they would like what I have.”
“Whatever, I would call Akin to tell him you want to meet him. But make sure that it is something that makes sense if not you might be endangering your job here and mine as well because you are not supposed to know about this.”
“I bet you that it would be worth everyone’s while. Just wait till you hear what I have to say.”

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