Silent Assassins Mike LePond- The Review

Review- Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins

From the great and energetic metallic band Symphony X, Mike LePond, released his self-named debut solo album Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins in 2014; making it one of the biggest metal albums of that year and even beyond. The New Jersey based artist is the bassist in the band Symphony X and with other members of his band and Alan Tecchio; they made the album a great success.
Beating the imagination of anyone who has ever had the opportunity to listen to any Symphony X album, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassin has proven to be a much rawer, sensational and purer metal music. Every track in the album keeps you energetic, pumping with adrenaline till you realize you have stayed up all night drowned in the powerful melody of Mike LePond’s charm.
As the album characterizes 70’s metal music of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and a whole bunch of metal music artists that have influenced Mike LePond mixed with the growing trend of heavy metal from Holy Grail, to White Wizard, Camelot and others; the album has created a desire in the heart of all heavy metal fans. The album features Mike LePond from Symphony X on Bass Guitar, “Metal” Mike Chlasciak who has performed with Halford and Testament on Lead Guitar, Michael Romeo also from Symphony X on Lead Guitar, and drum programming, and Alan Tecchio was on Vocal, he had sung with Hades, Watchtower and Seven Witches.  
The album contains nine singles; Apocalypse Rider, Red Death, The Quest, The Outsider, Masada, Silent Assassins, Ragnarok, The Progeny, and Oath of Honor. With the thundering of the bass perfecting the track which is introduced by entrancing riffing of the guitar, the call to battle Apocalypse Rider launches the album with a suffusing energy but quite subtle enough when Alan Tecchio’s vocal makes an entrance. It is swiftly followed by Red Death which undermines any expectation of the album’s quality decreasing as it progresses. It moves swiftly and smoothly into different feels, a mid-paced music with a tincture of epic and the blood thirst of death. He closes the track with these consuming lines “All night dying---Colors of horror---Royal or common---We are in the throes of the red death.” The Quest, having a kind of Scandinavian or possibly Celtic feel is introduced by the bass guitar of Mike LePond as he is supported by the lead guitars, keyboard and piano to lead Alan into his ferocious war cry, the seven minutes of hyperactivity keeps you unaware of your heightened excitement.
The Outsider is graced with the sassy sounds of LePond’s bass all through the beginning makes the album magnetizing and Masada cannot be pushed aside either, though the slowest track on the album, its majestic orchestrations denotes epic that makes you shed tears.
Silent Assassins, with a lot of tempo changes, great vocals, and shredding, you can never remain sitting while the song plays, or do you get weary after going through the first five songs. The chant “Hey! We are Silent Assassins!” really shows that the artist expects every lover of metal to remain on their feet as Tecchio yell through the song. The punk-epic feel of the song mesmerizes then rampages everyone listening. Ragnok seems to be a pure-evil track filled with chants that instill fears that excites and The Progeny starts with the rumbling of thunder and light showers of rain followed by the country-folk like intro and then progresses to a heavier pace. The Progeny amasses energy moving slowly till the riffs finally surges with excitement. The album ends with Oath of Honor, a colossal epic where Alan shows a side of himself like we have never seen before and every other musician giving their very best in this track.

From the galloping bass to the acoustic guitar, heavy riffs, steam rolling and even some violin appearances, Silent Assassin is one the greatest creations of metal and heavy metal music for modern times and it will remain a favorite for every fan of heavy metal. With the love for and influence of albums that range back to the seventies and eighties, Mike LePond has done justice to keeping the community and spirit of metal ferociously strong.

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