The Sky Is Falling by Sidney Sheldon

A 2001 crime novel written by the great writer Sidney Sheldon, The Sky Is Falling, was one of his last books before his death in 2007. The Sky Is Falling is a novel about a TV anchorwoman Dana Evans who was trying to find the murderer of the Winthrop family.
Dana Evans being the main character of the book is an anchorwoman in a TV station, The Washington Tribune Enterprises.
We see the book starting with the return of Dana Evans from Sarajevo, Yugoslavia after covering a war for the network. She had returned with an armless adoptee, Kemal after covering the war for three months. The Winthrop murder occur over one by one after the fatal death of their parents in a fire accident. Gary Winthrop, the last surviving member of the family is killed by robbers and this gets Dana interests piqued and she starts an investigation on why a family well known for its kindness and charitable acts all died in an unexplained manner. The Winthrop family members have all been dying suspiciously.
She starts her investigation by visiting a friend of Gary’s father Taylor Winthrop, Roger Hudson.
At his school, Kemal is facing difficulties from Ricky Underwood, who teases him about his one arm. After lots of warning from the school principal not to get into any swearing and fights but at one point Kemal had to be expelled from school.
The secretary of Dana’s boss Elliot Cromwell helps Dana enroll Kemal into another school and introduces her to an organization that helps Kemal get a prosthetic arm.
Jeff Connors, Dana’s fiancĂ© helps take care of Kemal once in a while. Jeff Connors’ ex-wife Rachel Stevens is in town and goes on a lunch with Jeff and Dana which Dana didn’t quite like at the beginning but by spending time with Rachel, she begins to warm up to her. Dana’s mother calls her and informs her of her interest in meeting Kemal. She also tells Dana about what she felt about her work.
Going through motives for which the Winthrop family could have been murdered, Dana rules out money and finally goes with revenge as the motive since upon the death of the family, their fortune goes to charity. She follows what she believed to the motive and starts by visiting the locations where the Winthrop deaths occurred.
In her quest for the truth, all what Dana meets is people that only say how the Winthrops are angels walking the earth. When she thought that the case was getting cold, she meets Joan Sinisi, Taylor’s secretary who had filed a charge against him but later dropped the charges. Joan Sinisi finally agrees to meet with Dana after a lot of effort to contact her because she felt that she was being watched. Joan Sinisi finally ends up dead after she is pushed off her penthouse before she is able to go to the meeting she had scheduled with Dana.
Dana’s neighbor in her home wakes up one morning and informs Dana that they were moving to Rome to live because Howard Wharton (the husband) had been offered a job there which had a better pay to what he was presently receiving and by the end of the day, a new occupant had moved in.
Dana knowing she had ruffled some feathers decides to go on with her investigation by visiting other people who had worked with Taylor on government assignments he had been assigned. Dana visits of the FRA and talks with the head General Booster who had a dislike to press and so he does not attend well to her. She visits Roger Hudson whose wife Pamela really welcomed Kemal during the visit. They talked about when Hudson and Taylor worked together in Russia and mentioned some deals that he had made with the Russians.
Rachel calls Jeff while he and Dana are in his home. She calls again while they were at work, she tells him that she is having some physical problems and he advises to see a doctor. Dana employs a nanny to look after Kemal while she travels to Aspen to find more information for her investigation. Before she left, she got a gift of a gold pen from The Gang. She tries to contact the Whartons’ while she was there but she could not get hold of them. Meanwhile, Jeff travels to stay with Rachel since she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.
Dana finds out in Aspen that the cause of the fire that burnt the Winthrops home was an electrical fault which was fixed by an electrician that was not found the next day after the fire incident. Dana calls home and Mrs. Darley, the maid; Kemal seemed to have changed when she talked to him on the phone. She flies to France next to investigate the death of Paul Winthrop that happened on a road close to the Mediterranean Sea. The witness who gave the information of Paul’s accident turned out to have used a stolen identity of a blind man that was visiting his son. She goes to Alaska next for information on details of their daughter Julie Winthrop who had died skiing. After talking to a lot of people about Julie’s death being an accident and most people denying it to be so, she leaves Alaska and goes back to Washington.
Eventually, Dana goes to Russia and there she discovers that the gold pen that has always been with her was a tracking device and destroys it. She meets a military official Sasha Shdandoff who promises to tell Dana why the Winthrops were killed but she had to fulfill her own end of their deal to get him out of Russia since someone was trying to kill him.
In the journey of getting Sasha out of Russia, she goes to Krasnoyarsk-26, a sealed town in Krasnoyarsk Krai. Sasha explains that Krasnoyarsk-26 was a town for the main purpose of creating plutonium after she was forced to dress like a prostitute. She finds hundred thousand scientists and technicians who have severed their ties with the world outside. The city cannot be shut down as it would freeze the city’s population to death.
Dana finally finds out that Taylor Winthrop was killed by his business partners after he got too greedy and decided to gain total control of the plutonium. Dana gives Roger Hudson and his wife Pamela information about her discovery and the location of where she is to meet Sasha so they could leave the country. Dana gets to Sasha’s safe house and finds him dead, and after a sniper attempts to kill her, she realizes that Roger was Taylor’s partner and so she is wanted dead.
Dana enters into a hot pursuit with her assailants trying to leave Russia and get to the United States. After finding out that most of the people she had trusted were working towards her death, she went solo. She eludes her attackers till she gets to the United States and then the Hudson’s trick her into believing that they Kemal in custody. Kemal realizing that his nanny is trying to kill him and Dana and has been feeding him with sleeping pills was able to escape from the apartment. He is later recaptured and tranquilized and brought to the Hudson’s. Dana goes to the Hudson’s home but later finds out that Kemal has been moved away from there and trapped in a burning school.
Dana is captured and Cesar the Hudson’s doorman takes Dana to a park to drown her but Jeff Connors who has been deceived by his ex-wife that her mastectomy was successful arrives in time and decapitates Cesar with the blades of the helicopter.
Jeff faintly understands what Dana whispers to him about Kemal and rescues him from the burning school. When the Hudson’s see that they have failed in their plan, they get furious and try to leave on a private plane for Russia despite orders from General Booster. The Hudson’s plane explodes due to the bomb planted by Boris Shdandoff, Sasha’s brother.

At the completing part of the book, Dana marries Jeff and becomes pregnant, Kemal got featured in a TV show, Rachel Stevens dies of cancer and the Hudson’s become the first to star as criminals on the TV station’s new crime program. The book closes when Dana asks Matt her boss about the murder of a 75-year-old millionaire in his hot tub.

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