Mother,The Murder

 Little had I known, oh my mother
I liveth in you before I was a baby, my mother
Before I was formed in you, my mother
You could have had me murdered
Remembering the point of delivery the point of murder
As little I was, I could have murdered you, my mother
I was in you like a time bomb, hem suicide murderer
Mmhm mmhm!!, I cry when I came out of my mother
Thinking I was save from the life of being a murderer
I can feel the pain then I cry, oh my mother
World, ignorance of my cry the murderer
Who is a murderer, I or my mother
Murderer inside a mother
Baby inside a murderer
Fortunately neither I nor my mother was a murderer

I love you mother but not the murderer.

                                                                                      Written By Stevoni
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