Memoirs of An Unclad Preacher- #19

The duo rushed the rest of their lunch as they had talked through most of it. Miriam told Dennis about how she had made the prawn soup and pasta her special lunch treat after she got to the company. Just before it was two, they stood up, Miriam paid the bills and they walked out of the hut.
“I still can’t believe that this hut could look that amazing inside.” Dennis said, marvel written all over his face again. “How did they ever think to do this?” he asked, taking his time to stare at the hut. “It’s just magnificent.” He exclaimed as he looked at Miriam would was smiling all through his display of wonder.
“You’ll get used to it with time Dennis. I was also this way when I found it and even though I am used to seeing it, I can’t still help but wonder how they did it. That’s the biggest mystery.” Miriam answered.
As they walked back to the office, Miriam hinted Dennis what she could about the boss and how he should talk to him. She wouldn’t want him to go into his office unprepared for the barrage of questions he always asked anyone who ever stepped into his office.
The traffic on their way back to the office had increased from what they experienced some hours earlier but within minutes, they were able to make it back to their building.
“You should stay in your office and try to get something to do while I tell the chairman that you need to see him.” Miriam said to Dennis who nodded and walked towards his office. “And you should not forget those things I’ve told you. They are very important.” Mariam quickly added before Dennis was out of earshot.
He settled into his chair again, thinking of what he had in mind for the boss. He knew that it wasn’t the ideal way of getting rid of someone but it could prove to be very efficient if it was done well and neatly. And if it turned out that it wouldn’t work, they must have an alternative to getting rid of Abdullah and making sure that nothing would be traced back to them.
He was in his office for almost thirty minutes after their return from lunch when Miriam came in again. “He would see you now Dennis.” She said to him her eyes looking at him pleadingly not to make things worse for himself.
“Don’t worry about me Miriam. I know what I am doing and I’m sure that the boss can’t be so cold to go to the extent of sacking me because he doesn’t like my suggestion to solving a problem.” He added.
“You’ll be surprised at what you would need to do if you have a company that needs to be kept out of probing eyes.” Miriam responded. “And it’s not even what you’ll say that worries me. It’s that you’ll say something he doesn’t like and he would get pissed about how you knew about the situation in the first place.” Miriam explained. “So make sure that whatever you say is good enough to take his mind off why you are aware of the company’s dilemma.” She warned him before stepping out of the way for him to leave.
Dennis made the walk to the chairman’s office with shortened paces even though he knew that he would finally arrive there. He really could not understand why he was beginning to dread the situation he was going to put himself in.
Upon seeing him, the chairman’s secretary quickly rushed towards him and hurried him into the office. “He’s going to be having another meeting soon so you need to be fast with whatever it is that you want. He never takes visitors before any of his meeting so whatever it is that you have to discuss with him must be pretty important.” She said as she escorted him into the chairman’s office and locked the door on her way out.
“You should quit standing there and staring Dennis. I’m sure that Tasha has told you that I would be having another meeting soon so be quick about this.” The chairman said.
“Well boss, I happen to know how you can get information that would help this company get rid of Abdullah without too much hassle.” Dennis started.
“Oh please! Since you are willing to share information with me, an information that would save my company I think you should be able to call me Akin.” The boss said to Dennis. “So please Dennis, go ahead and explain what you have in mind to me. I don’t just want to hear about the ideas you have. I want to hear about how we can execute it. Do you have anyone who can help us with it? Those kind of stuff” Akin Jr. said.
“I don’t think that should pose any problem sir…… sorry Akin.” Dennis replied. He took the seat that Akin Jr. offered him and began to explain. “Well, from what I’ve heard, you need to find a way to make Abdullah’s threat against this company null. I can help you with it but it would require you doing some investigation. Not like you’ve been doing.” Dennis said.
“Okay, I’m listening Dennis. Spill.” He said.
“What I think you should do is play the long-term game with Abdullah.” Dennis said.
“Like how? I don’t get you.” Akin Jr. said, staring at the young man.
“Let me put it this way.” Dennis said readjusting his butt on the seat. “We need to find a girl to help us with what I have in mind. He explained. “Since you guys have been following him around and haven’t found anything yet to pin on him, I think if we can get someone to move closer to him, know him personally then we have a better chance at finding something to use against him.” Dennis said and sat back.
“I think I get what you are saying now Dennis and I have to confess that it is quite a good idea but then where do we get that can help us with such a thing. I do hope you already have someone in mind?” Akin Jr. asked.
“I do have someone in mind sir. But I would have to talk to her first before I can say anything about her.” Dennis said and quickly added. “But I think she would be cool with it.”
“Talk to her then and get back to me. I need to prepare for my next meeting.” Akin Jr. said signaling for Dennis to leave the office.

Dennis took the cue and left the office. He waved at Tasha on his way out with his mind far away, thinking of whom he could talk to about the proposition he had. Only one name came to mind and he was not sure if it would be a good idea. He wondered how Belinda would be after all these years.
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