Memoirs of An Unclad Preacher #20

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Closing hours in his office was usually very busy. Most of them had to make sure that they daily assignments were on the editor's table before the leave. Dennis had been less eager to go home. He knew that for him to bring Belinda back into his life, he would have to discuss it with Jane and that was not going to be very nice.
He walked to Mariam’s office and met her by her door. “So you are also ready to leave.” He commented.
“It’s time to close. I am not really up for putting in extra hours today.” Mariam answered.
“I guess we all need to take a break sometimes.” Dennis said. “Are you going my way?” he asked her.
“I don’t think so Dennis.” She said.  “I have to go see my parents on the island. My mum has been on my neck for weeks that I should come see them. I’m going to sleep over there and come to work from there.” She explained.
“Alright then Mariam. I guess we would see tomorrow then.” Dennis said and started walking away.
“Hey. Wait up Dennis.” Mariam said as she ran after him. “You haven’t told me anything about your meeting with Akin. Since he has not called to reprimand me, I am guessing that it went well.” She said.
Dennis walked with her slowly. He had thought that she was trying to distance herself from the problem. “Yeah. We talked and he kind of loved the idea I gave him.” Dennis replied, trying to pull her to divulge if she really wanted to know more about the scandal.
“So what did you suggest to him?” she asked.
Now sure that she was still in the game, he opened up to her. “I told him that we would have to use the services of a girl to ensnare him. We would be looking for something personal that only someone close to him can ever know.” He explained.
“Isn’t that going too far?” Mariam asked.
“Yeah. It is. But what other choice is available. If we don’t do it then Abdullah will finally get his way and that cannot be good for anybody.” Dennis said.
“I guess you’re right.” Mariam agreed. “So have you guys found someone?” she asked.
“I told Akin that I know of someone who can help us with that kind of stuff.” Dennis said.
“And why do if feel like you are not confident about this girl?” Mariam said to him.
“It’s not like I am not sure of her Mariam. It’s just that I have history with the girl and bringing her back into my life might complicate things between me and Jane.” Dennis explained.
“Then look for someone else.” Mariam answered.
“We need someone we can trust. Not someone who can just turn on us at any time.” Dennis argued.
“And you think that a girl that you have not been in contact with for quite some time now is the best option?” Mariam asked.
“I know Belinda. She knows when to keep her mouth shut and she does not really care for anything but what you can give her. So all we have to do is make her a very tempting offer and we are sure that we would get what we want.” Dennis said.
“But then there is still the stuff with Jane that you need to work out.” Mariam pointed out to him.
“I will work that out with Jane. She would have to understand and trust me. We need Belinda and I have to get to her.” Dennis said as they made it to the car park. “Things cannot grow worse between us. I am sure of that.” He added.
“You would have to tell me what happened after the hospital incidence with Jane. You need to talk to someone about these things Dennis.” Mariam said as she walked towards her car.
“I guess I’m not just ready yet.” Dennis shouted as the noise in the park grew as more workers trooped outside closing for the day.
“Whatever you say.” Mariam shouted back and got into her Toyota Highlander.
Dennis drove through the heavy evening traffic and the usual less than one hour journey back to his house took him almost three hours. His worries about telling Jane that he was bringing Belinda back into their lives even made those hours more dreadful. He had made things a little bit better for the both of them last night and with the news he was going to break to her, he was not sure how she would take it.
He could hear the soft voice of Enya playing Adiemus as he got out of his car and walked towards the door. He waited at the door to clear the worry from his face. If he entered the way he was, she would know that something was wrong immediately.
What he saw as the door opened surprised him. Jane was standing before him with no clothes on, her hands resting against the door giving him clear view of her naked body.
When he finally found his tongue, he spoke. “Are you crazy? What if it was not me who was at the door?” he yelled at her.
“I know the sound of your car Dennis. And who else would it have been? Do we have anyone who visits us?” she asked him as she walked to sit on the couch.
He locked the door as he entered. “That doesn’t mean. Who knows who might decide to visit us unexpectedly? Or if I had met someone we know on the way and brought them over for dinner. What if it were the person who got to the door first?” Dennis argued.
“Just let it go Dennis.” Jane grumbled. “I thought that you would love it.” she said pouting her lips.
“Come on. I love to see you naked but I was just surprised. That’s all. I am not mad with you or anything.” Dennis apologized and joined her on the couch as she began to smile.
“Then make me feel good again tonight.” She said as she pressed herself against him.
He felt his desires growing and a strong urge to take his clothes off and make love to her but he knew he had to do something first.
“I can do that after I discuss something important with you.” he said and watched her settle backwards to listen.
“What is it?” she asked him noticing the worry look return to his face.

“It is about Belinda.” He answered bluntly.

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